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Uganda is mostly known as a Robusta producing country due to the fact that its the birthplace Of Robusta coffee.It produces both Specialty Arabica mostly in the western and Eastern region and specialty Robusta therefore its unique and Wonderfully crafted to produce amazing coffees that the world is yet to Explore.

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Martin Shabaya Does it Again!

For the last Twenty years  at the world barista Championships alot of baristas from producing countries and mostly in Africa have had a great impact on representing specialty coffee from Africa and we are seen as role models and future Ambassadors to promote coffee to the Entire world.

40% of the worlds coffee produced comes from Africa,Brazil and Colombia.Uganda being the largest Export of Coffee from Africa and the second producing country after Ethiopia.The future for Africa and Ugandan coffee specialty is bright again thanks to the dedication and handwork of smaller holder farmers and producers in Africa inspite of poor roads and Accessibility,coffee pests and Diseases ,lack of water in some Countries,impractical coffee sustainability at the farm level due to limited resources by the local producers.Poor Environmental policy ,poor and unregulated Coffee Exchange system because of different political setting In Africa .The position of Direct trade and fair trade with goal of supporting local farmers has to be resolved in the farmers interest not vise versa , climate change adoptable coffee varieties are limited only to a few ,therefore need Government intervention and Effort in Africa,low farm gate income,Coffee export trade barriers of roasted coffee from Africa to the world.lack of access to technology and advancement in coffee processing at the farm.lack of Technology and specialty coffee roasting Equipments

Some of the great names from Africa who represented Africa on the world barista stage include the following.

Craig charity (south Africa 🇿🇦 )

Ishan Natale(south Africa 🇿🇦 )

James mwiru(kenya 🇰🇪 )

Mark okuta ( uganda 🇺🇬 )

Dominic munge (kenya🇰🇪)

Robert mbabazi ( uganda 🇺🇬 )

Godfrey Bate (uganda 🇺🇬)

Dominic kedemi (kenya 🇰🇪)

Martin shabaya (kenya 🇰🇪 )

Disclaimer The list only includes 3 time National Barista Champions or former Afca Barista Challenge Champions .

In our next series we shall highlight all the former barista champions from Africa and my Name Agaba Dennis Desuza will be there.

At the World Barista Championship, the sixteenth semi-finalist position goes to the highest scoring member of the winning WBC Team. Therefore Martin Shabaya, from WBC Team Tamper will be at All-Stars Shanghai! From March 26th -29th 2018

Some of the sponsors will include the following

Silver Sponsor: Coffee Commune

Equipment Partners: Giesen Coffee Roasters, Hiang Kie Coffee, Hemro

But hope is not yet lost because We can borrow a leaf from Art caffe .

For more insight read about the Art Caffe via the link .proudly African and product of Desuzacoffees Uganda 🇺🇬 and Desuzacoffees middle East coming Soon

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Utz certified approach and the relevance of organic coffee from our micro-lot and the how wet mills have improved on cup quality of Arabica coffees grown by farmers in kasese (western uganda)

the reason why we decided to give extra 40% profit to our farmer groups Who practice organic and carbon farming on their farms, by using natural animal by-products as raw materials using a state-of-the-art technology that corrects the NPK and micro-nutrients content while killing pathogens and weed seed. It improves physical properties of the soil, water holding capacity, infiltration capacity of the soil, increases microbes activity in the soil thus improving soil fertility. Therefore this approach improves on the cup quality due to increased concentration of sugers in the coffee bean Meanwhile , inorganic fertilizers are made from chemical raw material which in the long run distorts soil pH, structure and hence fertility.#permculture for coffee and better sensory experience#originUganda#no slash and burn#avoid tillage#perineal crops#coffee is passion but roasting is more.Our limited edition of these coffees is available online

Joburg barista on Alternative Coffee Brewing Methods!


#OriginAfrica#originuganda#our media team decided to share this amazing piece and interview to the world .There is so much potential from Africa in this current generation,The sky is nolonger the limit.





How do you do?

I mentioned in my last post on coffee that I’d drop a quick interview with a Joburg barista, with a focus on alternative brewing methods.

Quick background, I met Mbonisi Bamala in my neighborhood coffice Origin Coffee Roasting in Maboneng, Johannesburg. He was always happy to demonstrate some alternative brewing methods for me and was referred to by other baristas in the shop as the go to guy for pourovers!

Origin Coffee barista joburg Mbonisi Bamala at Origin Coffee Roasting Maboneng

How he got into Coffee? His training began at Mischu Coffee in Cape Town but it definitely didn’t end there, hopping from one coffee shop to another learning as much as he could. He tells me,

“I chose to focus on the scientific side of coffee (perfect espresso extraction, proper milk temperature etc.) instead of the latte art since I’m obsessed with good quality.”

Told you specialty…

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100% specialty Robusta

Specialty Robusta

Today we kick start our campaign by appreciating one of the most decorated baristas in the African history from uganda

Robert mbabazi a three time national barista champion from uganda on his blog he writes  about the Revolution of espresso coffee in uganda ,its now seven years since Mr Mbabazi Robert’s article was first published but its sounds like music to our ears .He showcased Uganda’s specialty coffee to the world and mentored many African baristas.He is the brain behind the innovation and creativity of most coffee shops and coffee menus in uganda that are  booming in the industry today.

Government effort on supporting and promoting specialty Robusta in uganda

National coffee research institute (NaCORi)

One of its mandate is to carry out strategic and applied research for coffee and cocoa ,research has been done for example the 7 cwdr and new coffee varieties were introduced to the farmers and the results are amazing thanks to Center for Robusta Excellence (Core)campaign and ucda uganda coffee Development Authority.

Message to (CQI )coffee Quality institute

Molecular biology of coffea canephora should get the same treatment and research as its counterpart the Arabica when it comes to specialty roasting and third wave coffee campaigns globally because the end goal is to appreciate quality in respect to the context and the story behind these amazing robusta coffee.

But guess what with these amazing instant coffees on the market we strongly believe the future is bright for 100% Robusta specialty coffee .Uganda is ranked 4th among the leading producers of robousta coffee in the world ,and soon 100% robusta processed coffee from uganda will be the leading coffee item in the major stores worldwide.


Uganda birthplace of Robusta

From Desuzacoffees we celebrate #ugandacoffee in this series #1 we look at the backbone of uganda ‘s economy which is coffee

High Quality, Single-Estate Robusta

Most American roasters buy green coffee using the rule of thumb “Arabica good, Robusta bad.” They do so because they’re familiar only with the cheap, low quality, commercial grade Robusta that one often found in supermarket coffee in a can. The fact that some Robusta can actually be clean, high-quality, and suitable for inclusion in top-flight espresso blends is something that many American roasters struggle to comprehend.

High quality Robusta is difficult to source, with Uganda the pearl of Africa being one of the few origins that can produce Espresso Grade Robusta. Musana peter the first barista champion from uganda used a blend of ugandan robusta and Arabica during his WBC world barista championships and so far he holds the best record of the highest score and ranking from uganda to grace the world barista stage for reference refer to wbc official page

What separates high quality Robusta from its low quality counterpart is the high degree of care that coffee plantations in Uganda and other other Robusta producing countries apply to cultivation, harvesting, and processing of Robusta- typically the same care they apply to Arabica beans.

These factors include:

High Elevation (up to 1400 meters)

Shade Growing

Emphasizing Bean Quality over Plant Yield

Selective Picking

Careful and Extensive Washing and Drying

Meticulous Sorting and Grading




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