The Pearl of Africa

Uganda is mostly known as a Robusta producing country due to the fact that its the birthplace Of Robusta coffee.It produces both Specialty Arabica mostly in the western and Eastern region and specialty Robusta therefore its unique and Wonderfully crafted to produce amazing coffees that the world is yet to Explore.

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Mt Rwenzori coffees. (“source of rain coffees”) Desuzacoffees.com Ebook Free copy Exploring African Great lakes coffees vol1 Floral and fauna of Mt Rwenzori makes it the preferred coffee origin not only for its bio-diversity but exquisite and exceptional coffees in the region therefore the true beauty of mountain coffee was formed 3 million years ago The story of Mt.Rwenzori coffee... Continue Reading →

Ugandan Coffee is not immune to Climate change

Coffee production is sensitive to Temperature,Rainfall and variations in weather Regular sequence of weather patterns is crucial to the healthy development of coffee trees, and coffee quality in order to maintain a sustainable coffee production and improve the lives of coffee farmers by increasing their farm gate income and improve their standards of living .... Continue Reading →

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