Uganda birthplace of Robusta

From Desuzacoffees we celebrate #ugandacoffee in this series #1 we look at the backbone of uganda ‘s economy which is coffee

High Quality, Single-Estate Robusta

Most American roasters buy green coffee using the rule of thumb “Arabica good, Robusta bad.” They do so because they’re familiar only with the cheap, low quality, commercial grade Robusta that one often found in supermarket coffee in a can. The fact that some Robusta can actually be clean, high-quality, and suitable for inclusion in top-flight espresso blends is something that many American roasters struggle to comprehend.

High quality Robusta is difficult to source, with Uganda the pearl of Africa being one of the few origins that can produce Espresso Grade Robusta. Musana peter the first barista champion from uganda used a blend of ugandan robusta and Arabica during his WBC world barista championships and so far he holds the best record of the highest score and ranking from uganda to grace the world barista stage for reference refer to wbc official page

What separates high quality Robusta from its low quality counterpart is the high degree of care that coffee plantations in Uganda and other other Robusta producing countries apply to cultivation, harvesting, and processing of Robusta- typically the same care they apply to Arabica beans.

These factors include:

High Elevation (up to 1400 meters)

Shade Growing

Emphasizing Bean Quality over Plant Yield

Selective Picking

Careful and Extensive Washing and Drying

Meticulous Sorting and Grading




From Desuzacoffees media team

Isaac ntambi co-writer

Mbabazi esther editor

Dennis agaba desuza

5 thoughts on “Uganda birthplace of Robusta”

  1. Well articluated and on point. Thanks Denis and Isaac.
    We need to tell more people about the goodness of our Robusta.
    We can only break the ‘Robusta is poor quality’ stereotype thru such campaigns.

    By the way, there is wild Robusta coffee in Kibaale Forest. That further prove that Uganda is the centre of origin.

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