100% specialty Robusta

Specialty Robusta

Today we kick start our campaign by appreciating one of the most decorated baristas in the African history from uganda

Robert mbabazi a three time national barista champion from uganda on his blog he writes  about the Revolution of espresso coffee in uganda ,its now seven years since Mr Mbabazi Robert’s article was first published but its sounds like music to our ears .He showcased Uganda’s specialty coffee to the world and mentored many African baristas.He is the brain behind the innovation and creativity of most coffee shops and coffee menus in uganda that are  booming in the industry today.



Government effort on supporting and promoting specialty Robusta in uganda

National coffee research institute (NaCORi)

One of its mandate is to carry out strategic and applied research for coffee and cocoa ,research has been done for example the 7 cwdr and new coffee varieties were introduced to the farmers and the results are amazing thanks to Center for Robusta Excellence (Core)campaign and ucda uganda coffee Development Authority.


Message to (CQI )coffee Quality institute

Molecular biology of coffea canephora should get the same treatment and research as its counterpart the Arabica when it comes to specialty roasting and third wave coffee campaigns globally because the end goal is to appreciate quality in respect to the context and the story behind these amazing robusta coffee.


But guess what with these amazing instant coffees on the market we strongly believe the future is bright for 100% Robusta specialty coffee .Uganda is ranked 4th among the leading producers of robousta coffee in the world ,and soon 100% robusta processed coffee from uganda will be the leading coffee item in the major stores worldwide.


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