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This article from clearly stress that uganda “the pearl of Africa”is the birthplace of Robusta coffee.

Coffee Inside

Approximately 30% of the coffee produced in the world is Coffee Robusta (C. canephora). It is mostly grown in Viet Nam, where French colonists introduced it in the late 19th century, though it is also grown in Africa and Brazil, where it is often called conilon. It was not recognized as a species of Coffea until 1897, over a hundred years after Coffea arabica.

History of Robusta Coffee Variety

Coffea canephora, popularly known as robusta because of the hardy nature of the plant, was first discovered in the former Belgian Congo in the 1800s. It is also known to be indigenous to the tropical forests around the Lake Victoria crescent in Uganda. It was introduced into South-east Asia in 1900, after coffee rust disease wiped out all arabica cultivation in Ceylon in 1869 and destroyed most low altitude plantations in Java in 1876. Currently it represents between 30% and…

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