Desuzacoffees All star collection is available online

Utz certified approach and the relevance of organic coffee from our micro-lot and the how wet mills have improved on cup quality of Arabica coffees grown by farmers in kasese (western uganda)

the reason why we decided to give extra 40% profit to our farmer groups Who practice organic and carbon farming on their farms, by using natural animal by-products as raw materials using a state-of-the-art technology that corrects the NPK and micro-nutrients content while killing pathogens and weed seed. It improves physical properties of the soil, water holding capacity, infiltration capacity of the soil, increases microbes activity in the soil thus improving soil fertility. Therefore this approach improves on the cup quality due to increased concentration of sugers in the coffee bean Meanwhile , inorganic fertilizers are made from chemical raw material which in the long run distorts soil pH, structure and hence fertility.#permculture for coffee and better sensory experience#originUganda#no slash and burn#avoid tillage#perineal crops#coffee is passion but roasting is more.Our limited edition of these coffees is available online

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