Joburg barista on Alternative Coffee Brewing Methods!


#OriginAfrica#originuganda#our media team decided to share this amazing piece and interview to the world .There is so much potential from Africa in this current generation,The sky is nolonger the limit.





How do you do?

I mentioned in my last post on coffee that I’d drop a quick interview with a Joburg barista, with a focus on alternative brewing methods.

Quick background, I met Mbonisi Bamala in my neighborhood coffice Origin Coffee Roasting in Maboneng, Johannesburg. He was always happy to demonstrate some alternative brewing methods for me and was referred to by other baristas in the shop as the go to guy for pourovers!

Origin Coffee barista joburg Mbonisi Bamala at Origin Coffee Roasting Maboneng

How he got into Coffee? His training began at Mischu Coffee in Cape Town but it definitely didn’t end there, hopping from one coffee shop to another learning as much as he could. He tells me,

“I chose to focus on the scientific side of coffee (perfect espresso extraction, proper milk temperature etc.) instead of the latte art since I’m obsessed with good quality.”

Told you specialty…

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