4R in coffee roasting

World of work is and will always change every Minute so is roasting but some variables are constant this applies to both coffee roasting and in computer technology in this short series we try to highlight the daily of a system administrator and a coffee roaster or roast master.

Even though roasting is more of an Art,craft and science

Work begins at the roastery as opposed to the server room or IT room or office

The following are some of the common terms in both places

Daily backup and logs


Event logs


roasting intelligence software

Application software

Operating software



LAN cables cat6







roast profile

Server machine


roasting machine


Green beans

Roasted beans





window server 2018

4R in coffee roasting as opposed in the field of information technology and computers.


The act of doing or saying something again,consistency is key for a great roast to make it clearer or more memorable roast profile with desired taste and attribute irrespective of the season of harvest or origin of the coffee .the consumer will always want to taste the best coffee available on the market


Eliminate redundant roast profile or coffee which will stay in the stores for longer periods of time .its recommended to roast on demand


Regular because great coffee doesn’t just happen

scot Roa stressed that when you remain open minded and apply these techniques carefully and completely your roast will taste better hence the three commandants of roasting.

1 Thou shalt apply adequate energy at the beginning of a roast

2 The bean temperature progression shalt always decelerate

3 First crack shalt begin at 75% to 80% of total roast time


The process of drying through exposure to artificial heat or the degree to which something especially coffee is roasted therefore transforming the chemical and physical properties of green beans into roasted coffee.

Dark roast means that the coffee bean has been roasted to a higher temperature and for a longer period of the time than in light roast.

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