The future of Specialty Robusta from Uganda

Uganda is gifted with fertile soil and its the the birth place of robusta coffee with a lot of natural and wild robusta varieties in the kibaale forest yet to be explored and tested by the world coffee community,Uganda produces 3% of the worlds coffee production and ranked 4th in the world among the highest producers of robusta.The coffee 2020 Road map (April2017) is aimed at producing 20 million bags of coffee and processing of 360 million tea seedlings by 2025

80% of uganda’s coffee is robusta and 20% is arabica coffee but recently coffee output increased by 39% in the coffee year starting October 2016 to September and in 2017 from 3.3million bags to 4.6millions and foreign exchange increased from USD 405 million to USD 545 million in the same period and by the end of this year 2018 uganda is expected to hit the 5million bags.uganda’s success so far is from the fruits of replanting program to increase output and Export.

How far can specialty Robusta Rally in uganda and across boarders

Price is what you pay,Value is what you get

By creating a brand new image about our Robusta and Arabica micro-lots and supporting the already exiting 500,000 small holder farmers in uganda with Agricultural insurance to compensate for losses incurred during coffee seasons this will be supported by NGOs who offer inputs and advisory services to the farmers ,the already existing farmer groups should take more responsibility to implement these policies and later sell as a unit.Accessing insurance loans as a group or cooperative and opening up joint or farmer group accounts with the banks .The National farmers market has championed this great mission to link farmers,producers,exporters and roasters directly to access and open up more markets for Uganda produce countrywide and across boarders

Differentiated vs Elaborated Robusta coffee

Differentiated Robusta from uganda include

Specialty robusta

Both washed and Sun-dried

Fine robusta


Kiboko and FAQs

Elaborated robusta from uganda include instant coffee(introducing Desuzacoffee specialty robusta capsules)




Robusta coffee from uganda is graded mainly as screen 15 and screen 12 and then FAQs

Introducing microbes like yeast and bacteria for flavor Diversity

This fermentation process will highlight the desirable flavors by using proprietary yeast strains on robusta coffee in order to eliminate defects and undesirable flavors by applying controlled fermentation techniques.

This will eventually help the robusta species to move in the same direction with the favorable and loved Arabica species (no offense to 100% arabica growing countries, Uganda is just unique since we produce both High quality Specialty Arabica for example the Nyasaland variety,famous bugisu and sipi and others thats why its the pearl of Africa)

Most of the coffees from Africa are still affected by poor post harvesting techniques and poor handling and storage facilities and with my experience in the coffee business as a farmer,Roaster and former Uganda National barista champion more coffee policies have to be implemented at grassroots level in order for coffees from Uganda and other Great lakes region coffees to generate more revenue on the international market due to improved cup quality .

Technology and innovation is vital the research universities and institutions should work more directly and closely with the farmers and Agro-processing institutions for example Curad and RAN ,Ucda,Nucafe,InspireAfrica and others have supported and inspired the youth and farmers to make this dream a reality but collectively Uganda has to embrace this life changing opportunity to move to the middle life income and increase farm gate coffee revenues to our dedicated coffee farmers country wide.

Credit goes to Lucia solis for more details follow the link below or visit her Instagram page.

Uganda took led in the formulation of the specialty robusta cupping protocol in collaboration with Ucda and its my humble request that CQI and all the partners ,stakeholders and the Government of uganda ,well wishers and ugandan citizen we take lead in securing the position and image of ugandan coffee in the world for our future generations #ugandanCoffee

Credit goes to Ucda #ugandacoffee but still we have to own coffee,drink ugandan coffee#proudly uganda#desuzacoffees#grambarista#Dennisdesuza

Our next series will focus on WCPT technology from Desuzacoffees where the company sole purpose is to make ugandan specialty coffee affordable and available to the ugandan market and the East African market.

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