Message from the Community Coffee Farmers in Uganda

Coffee Competitions like National barista championships and cup of Excellence (COE),Taste of Harvest (ToT) require a lot of dedication,research,and time from both ends of the supply chain.,but after competitions a lot of information is left on the judges tables,DesuzaCoffees is proud to share with the entire coffee community and the world at large the practical coffee experience at the farm and how it impacts on the final quality of the cup.We believe that this platform will empower small holder farmers and producers mostly from developing African countries to showcase their amazing coffees directly with the Exporters and Roasters locally and Globally in the interest of the specialty coffee consumer from the farmer Directly .

Ntambi Isaac (kampala uganda)

Barista (seasonal competitor,champion and coffee Guru,coffee connoisseur)ebook


Coffee origin:Bulamburi (mt elgon) uganda

Processing (washed) and controlled fermentation

Varietal: Sl-14

Height:1900 M.A.S.L

Processing to explore new flavors and experience in variety

Natural process (sun dried) to stretch the ripening of cherry to naturally ferment under controlled a Temperature under movable shade rails.


Increased extraction percentage and flavor clarity by chilling porta filters

Flavor Descriptors


Orange blossom




Hints of honey

Medium to heavy body

Smooth and silky

Milk Beverage

Dose 21grams of Espresso


Chocolate ice cream

Bogoya peel (banana)

Black cherry

Signature Beverage

Ingredients (homemade cane syrup,orange zest,grapefruit Tonic,cold brew)

Then freeze with liquid nitrogen




Black Tea


Community farmers (Bulamburi ) Mt Elgon Eastern uganda

Number of farmers :150

Farm Name :Buramburi

Height :1900 MASL




Harvet period: Sept 2017

Contact person:Agaba Dennis Desuza/ (Desuzacoffees Uganda ltd)

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