Esther Agina a Kenyan Barista lady wins Kuwait Coffee Championships

The 2nd edition of the Kuwait Aeropress Championships 2018 organized by Earth Roastery was held at crystal towers on 23rd September 2018 to determine Kuwait’s best cup of Aeropress recipe

The winning Aeropress recipe must highlight pleasant aspect and this is what Esther Agina a Kenyan barista working with caffeine specialty coffee in kuwait did to win the mult-round elimination tournament to be crowned the champion and the First African lady to win Aeropress Championships in the whole of Middle East and kuwait Aeropress Championships she will present the state of Kuwait in world Aeropress Championships in Sydney Australia

Esther centered in the middle

In each round ,three competitors faced off against each other,simultaneously brewing a single cup of coffee using the Aeropress brewer.competitors had 8 minutes to prepare ,brew and present their coffee to the three judges. Our own Ugandan barista judge Emmanuel Wiire was one of the outstanding judges because of his experience as a roaster ,certified Q and R grader and as well as an established national barista judge from Africa currently at Earth Roastery one of the best Roastery in Middle East and they were the main organizers and sponsors of the Event.

Drinks were presented in identical vessels,so the judges could not know who brewed which cup.As Desuzacoffees’ we found out the the competitors used a natural processed Guji from Oromia region in Ethiopia were the Oromos were consuming coffee centuries before the legendary story of Kaldi and his goats.

One would argue that such an origin because of its cup character and history that it was easy to extract its particular flavor qualities but it was not the case and its what made this years Aeropress competition much fun and interesting for example to get the desired tangy-berry acidity without overpowering the natural sweetness from the coffee variety its self and the natural process which highlighted blueberry fragrance and the sweetness .

It was a fun day filled with music ,joy and excitement for the entire kuwait coffee community to get together and appreciate Specialty coffee movement in an open ,inclusive and fun environment.

As the 2018 World Aeropress Championships season is officially underway with a record high of more than 70 regional events happening across the globe for example Middle East boasts of Kuwait,Qatar Bahrain ,Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates with 6 regional Aeropress competitions.

Africa boasts of Kenya were the Kenya Aeropress Championships were held at Nairobi Arboretum on 23rd of September while South Africa will hold their Aeropress Championships on 2nd September 2018 at Espresso Lab Micro Roasters ,Cape Town ,western Cape.

Esther Agina the Kuwait Aeropress champion will represent the state of kuwait in Sydney in November for the 2018 World Aeropress Championships.As Desuzacoffees we look forward to support Esther in her journey to conquer the coffee world .she is the first African lady to win coffee competitions in Middle East ,Kenya is one of the best specialty coffee producers and the Kenyan coffee has won a lot of accolades and is recognized in the coffee world ,

In our ebook journey titled Exploring African Great Lakes coffee we share a lot of coffee experiences and commitment of the small holder coffee farmers in the African Great Lakes region get your free audio of original copy.

Tamper Specialty coffee was represented by James Raymond and he did remarkable job before he was eliminated after the second round but shall share his recipe for his Aeropress

17 grams of Gugi (natural processed)

Ek43 7.1 setting

Bloom after 45 second as your stir

Add 170 water

Press gently

Add 40 grams of water

Total brew time 1:50

Stir the final cup gently before serving.

Leave your comments below for any suggestions as look forward to share more details and insights about the coffee’s most unlikely competition.

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