Record breaking Prices for Ugandan Coffee

High Quality micro-lot from the Sipi falls in Eastern Uganda breaks the record for an EastAfrican coffee at auction outside of the cup of Excellence.

Entered to the 2018 Uganda Taste of Harvest Competition bidding climbed quickly to $10.65/lb

These winning coffees were documented and each lot and Nano-lot is traceable to the farm and exact micro-lot.

The 2018-2019 Uganda Taste of Harvest Competition were held at Uganda coffee Development Authority coffee Laboratory at lugogo,uganda and were presided over by Head Nandi Jordon and team of three other experienced Ugandan cuppers

Jacob Batereiregha

Doreen Rweihangwe

Annet Nyakyasiki

The winner of washed uganda Arabica was kawacom with 86.0625 Sipi Mt Elgon Region with cupping notes of caramel,Appricot,floral,Red Rose

Desuzacoffees media

And the winning Natural processed coffee was also from Kawacom uganda limited, with 86.435 Honey coffee Kabeywa and this coffee highlighted amazing character notes of Ripe fruit,jackfruit,cane suger and jasmine.

The record turnout from the uganda coffee sector cupped over 40 uganda coffees all of which were judged for their intrinsic quality characteristics .

fully list of the best winning coffees

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