The future of coffee sensory prediction is quantum computing and AI

Life is a lot more convenient these days for Notable coffee producers  and their real-life compañeros.  wallets are now digital, speeding up payments for their crops, easing access to government benefits and providing timely information that can use in the field which are digitally connected and Geo- mapped digital coffee farms (digital and cloud coffee farms) but the silent majority small holder farms are repetitedly affected by  low coffee prices ,limited access to technology and community services due to political instabilities and unrest, poor road network coupled with limited access to finance and credit facilitilities ,Archaic and dilapidated coffee processing facilities and generally poor and non-accountable management systems from the farm level to the markets .African coffees are increasingly surging the specialty coffee markets at this point of time production investment and technology is key to coffee producing regions in Africa . In 2014 East african coffee production was 13.2 million bags thus contributing 9.3% of the world production and in 2018/19 coffee production in Africa is estimated at 1.8% higher at 17.8 million bags of coffee. Therefore the world’s top five coffee traders account for 40% traded volumes whereby the largest offtakers the key issue is securing a regular supply of beans.

life of an african small holder farmer

IBM recently raised the bar with 50-Qubit quantum computer,Researchers have built the most sophisticated quantum computer yet signaling progress towards apowerful new way from traditional computers,using the counter intuitive native of quantum physics,other systems built so far have had limited capabailities and could perform only calculations that could be also be done on a conventional supercomputer.

A 50-qubit machine can do thigs that are extremely difficult to stimulate with quantum technology whereas normal computers store info as either a 1 or a 0,quantum computers exploit two phenomena entanglement and superposition to process information differently, useful quantum sustems are now accessible through the cloud and developing relevant software tools and also showing how even a simplemachine can do useful work in field like chemistry.

frame semantics

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. Mugsy also uses artificial intelligence technology to learn how to make your perfect cup. Oswald said: “Mugsy also uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to learn how to make a cup of coffee that perfectly fits with your preferences,As well as allowing users to order their coffee by text.




Gastrogragh AI is the first first artificial intelligence platform to unterstand human sensory perception,This AI understands what consumers prefer by segmenting the population into different demographic groups and modeling their preference archetypes and theirfore bridging the gap between consumers preference and great products

This application has helped producers to make and sell great product from conception to consumption

Innovation and technology  is paramount for success in coffee industry therefore there is need to embrace specialised Artificial intelligence that understands human perception of flavor and preference.This AI understands what consumers prefer by segmenting the population into different demographic groups .

Deep market insights will help the silent majority small holder farmers and coffee producers to understand a consumers taste in coffee beverage and coffee character to deliver repeated purchases ,hence empowering farmers to fatch higher premium coffee prices.


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