Promotion of Coffee Consumption to Overcome price Crisis.

Coffee sector recently hosted the international coffee council in Nairobi Kenya and the forum provided platform to discuss ways to address challenges facing the sector and ensuring growers get fair financial gains,This came at the time when kenya Government plans to mobilise shs 7.5 billion to fund the revival of the coffee sub-sector in the country .

Kenya accounts for 1% of the annual global output and the Kenyan coffee export earned march 2018 was 2.14 million (ksh 21.4 billion).

Kenya is globally reputed for production of fine Africa arabica coffee and their coffee is the category of Colombian milds or fine Arabica coffee that fetches the highest prices in the world market.

The sustainability of coffee industry starts by understanding costs of production and the variables that affect it. But the major challenge in African Great lakes Coffee (AGLC )growing region is non competitive milling and marketing systems that have removed coffee farmers from control of their commodities and extremely poor Archaic and diapidated coffee processing facilities.climate change, pest and Diseases,land disability and land fragmentation,political unrest and civil war

Lack of access of credit and other forms of working capital and general poor and non-accountable management systems from the farm level to the market and the following factors have led to a decay in sustainable coffee farming .

Price of coffee is at its lowest due to Arabica prices being stagnant and the fact that coffee production in most AGLC has been stagnant for the last 15 years. But one aspect for sure that cannot be ignored is domestic coffee consumption and how it will revive and improve the livelihood of 12 million coffee farms worldwide.

Domestic coffee consumption in partnership with other producing countries to counter the current low prices was one of the strategies in ICO conference in Nairobi.

Kenya is globally reputed for production of fine arabica coffee “our coffee is classified in the category of colombian milds or fine Arabica coffee that fetches the highest prices in the world market ,” Kieyah said in a recent interview and was one of the Delegates at the conference.

“Promotion of Consumption as an antidote to the current low prices,”by Carlos H.J Brando

One can make the world better by consuming more Coffee, The more coffee consumed,the greater the chance that the price paid by consumers will help the growers and the workers to produce more sustainably,Economically,Socially and Environmentally.

Global coffee consumption will rise by a third to 200 million bags by 2030,as population increases and disposable income rise ,according to WEF.

Domestic coffee consumption in East Africa is Promising with the young and fast growing population compared with the low per capita income levels,apart from Kenya most countries in East Africa are listed as low Developing Countries according to UN.

We need not only to focus on the supply for coffee as has been the practice in the coffee sector in Africa but also to consider that the farmer is vital and a necessity for the success of the sector. We need innovation and specific technology tailored to empower the African coffee farmers because its necessary and it improve the livelihood of the coffee farmers from producing countries of Africa.

“The fact that certain doctrines have been held as truth for many years by our people is not proof that our ideas are infalliable,”(RH: December 20, 1892).

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