Ugandan Roast profile wins Big in a Global roasting Challenge.

Desuzacoffees under the flagship of % Arabica Kuwait participated in the first Global ikawa roasting challenge, hosted at Nordic Roasters Forum last week.

It was first ikawa ‘global’ roasting ‘competition’; and so many great profiles from around the world, cupped by quite an international audience too – with a heavy Nordic contingent in Oslo during the first week of October 2019.During the Nordic Roasters Forum 2019 in Norway Oslo.

Video Credit; Tim wendeleboe

Source:Youtube Details about NRC 2019

Log on the Ikawacoffees online library to access one of the winning profiles under Dennis Uganda for ugandan Masira Natural ( red lot ) ,Nyasaland variety, Sl28 and is best as a filter and milk Beverage but look forward for subtle and soft citric acidity ,with an all round balanced rich aromatics ,fruit forward and a licorice finish .Grown at 2150 Masl in the Eastern region on the Lee ward side of mountain Elgon the cool micro-climatic conditions around sip falls makes it ideal conditions for development and slow maturity of the small co-operative whow Meticulously take great care of every tree at masira farm.This coffee was produced by kads Dison and carefully roasted by Agaba Dennis Desuza founder Desuzacoffees and Head Roaster at % Arabica Kuwait Roastery.

What makes a good sample roast?We think about this a lot. Its essentially a roasts that showcase a coffee in a true and fair way that reflects its potential.And in the context of Taste of Harvest to showcase coffees to a range of different cuppers, from different countries and business types – a good roast should allow the coffee to score well, but also be considered to be ‘good enough’ by the widest possible audience – rather than polarising (ie loved and hated). So, to simply test this, we did an ‘alternative evaluation process’ which I’ve included at the end column below. The question to the audience of around 20 was ‘put your hand up if you think this roast does not reflect the coffee well’. All the top 7 roasts had 3 or less hands up.


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