Coffee Terroir Tour in Uganda

Uganda is strategically located in the coffee belt and Eastern Africa which is characterized by Nitisols soils ,The rich Volcanics found along mountain Elgon region where we source our coffees and work directly with the Community farmers.The quality according to the soil and altitude complexity of the distinctive qualities of the coffee grown from Eastern Uganda around Mt Elgon region,make these coffees not only unique and rare but the distinctive aromas on the Nose translate on the palate .


Terroir is a French donomoination which is defined as a ‘A Terrior is a delimited Community geographic area where a human has developed over the course of history,a collective production method and know how

A Terrior is based on a system of interactions between physical and biological milieu and a set of human factors involved to convey originality,confer typically and engender reputation for a product.

Typicality is an inheritance which has historical and geographical origins and which is anchored to a territory through a cultural idenity and heritage.

Soils and Altitude


Desuzacoffees are sourced directly from Eastern Uganda around Mt Elgon  these Solis are the most Extensive agricultural soils,they are the most inherently fertile of the tropical soils with high nutrient content ,deep and permeable structure.

These soils have a high water content and iron oxides since they are derived from basic Volcanic breccia

At 1550 Masl and Above small holder farms stretch from areas of Bulago island,Wannale,Bulamburi to Bugiyanya and sipi Area

Cup profile

medium acidity and balanced smooth body,citric acidity translated from the citrus Flavour is a common taste profile ,creamy and smooth,soft acidity Try our range of coffees from Desuzacoffees.

Coffee growing regions in Uganda

Creating a new dimension about specialty coffee from uganda

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