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One of the most culturally and genetically important coffee Arabica varieties grown in Uganda and world over,known for Excellent quality in the cup at the highest Altitude.Boubon comes in orange,yellow and pink but in Uganda only the red boubon is famous

Sl-14 and Sl-28

Famous selection made in Kenya by Scott laboratories (hence the SL) in the 1930’s it was chosen for its cup quality and productivity.The SL-14 though its one of the Top coffees in Uganda mostly in the eastern part of Uganda mountain Elgon region its counterpart the Sl-28 is more favorable with the Kenyan Terroir because it was less productive in Uganda therefore the SL-14 is the preferred crop


One of the most culturally and genetically important coffee Arabica coffee in Uganda and in the world,Very high Susceptibility to coffee leaf rust,well adopted to the coldest conditions.Typica plants are said to be descendants of a single plant given as a 18th century whose clippings were used to create coffee plantations throughout the (the New world)

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Farm Information (Specialty Batch Coffee)

Farm project:Bugisu Cooperative

Farm Location:Mbale District Mt Elgon

Alititude:1500-1900 MASL

Processing fully washed And Sun Dried

varieties:Boubon Sl-14,SL28

Tasting Notes

Dried appricot and subtle jasmine Aroma,fresh cream,Toasted Almonds and Stone fruit Notes,silky body,balanced Acidity with a Clean Cocoa finish

Credit:Soosdiary,Specialty Batch Coffee

Bugisu cooperative Union

Owned by coffee farmers who are Organized in primary societies,Each primary society keeps a register of its fully paid -up members to manage Society ‘s affairs,From the time the Government of Uganda handed over the management of Bugisu Cooperative Union to the farmers,the Union has trained primary Cooperative society in simple book keeping and supplied seeds and inputs on loan to primary Cooperative Among other great contribution both local and international.Therefore Desuzacoffees media team and Desuzacoffees Hub ,We have selected Bugisu cooperative union for producing the best specialty cup from Uganda for this second quarter and also the best cooperative farmer group to represent the interest of the small holder farmer with the goal of producing this exceptional and amazingly crafted cup quality.

we appreciate the dedication and efforts done by the coffee primary Cooperative in Uganda to produce such an excellent cup quality as listed above

Recommend brew method


Bean weight 18grams

Brew ratio 1:15

Temp 92

Grindsize 27E(course grind)

Average flow into cup m/s and total time 2:45

Some of the efforts by this union include sensitization of farmers on quality coffee ,improved quality Arabica coffee and Quality Organic coffee grown in the pearl of Africa (Uganda)

The organization also aims to target and revive the education fund to cater for the poor and support children of the farmers in villages to access quality Education

Selling directly to European coffee markets and other markets world wide.

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