The Future of Small holder Coffee Sustainability in Uganda

Green leaf in our logo represents the future of small holder coffee sustainability Sustainability of the coffee sector The coffee sector is one of sensitivity and interconnectedness because of its far reaching impacts on both humankind and biodiversity. Its sustainability therefore takes into consideration all the stress factors that affect the economy, smallholder farmer wellbeing... Continue Reading →

Barista World Cup 2018 Amsterdam

As Expected 60 champions from around the globe will meet in Amsterdam this summer for four days of fierce coffee competition at the 2018 world barista championship from 20-23 June 2018 at RAI center.its a coincidence that the World Cup will be host in Europe also but this time around in Russia and Desuzacoffees we... Continue Reading →

Message from the Community Coffee Farmers in Uganda

Coffee Competitions like National barista championships and cup of Excellence (COE),Taste of Harvest (ToT) require a lot of dedication,research,and time from both ends of the supply chain.,but after competitions a lot of information is left on the judges tables,DesuzaCoffees is proud to share with the entire coffee community and the world at large the practical... Continue Reading →

4R in coffee roasting

World of work is and will always change every Minute so is roasting but some variables are constant this applies to both coffee roasting and in computer technology in this short series we try to highlight the daily of a system administrator and a coffee roaster or roast master. Even though roasting is more of... Continue Reading →

Martin Shabaya Does it Again!

For the last Twenty years  at the world barista Championships alot of baristas from producing countries and mostly in Africa have had a great impact on representing specialty coffee from Africa and we are seen as role models and future Ambassadors to promote coffee to the Entire world. 40% of the worlds coffee produced comes... Continue Reading →

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